Server monitor for Mac

iCacti helps you to monitor server’s – Linux, Windows, Mac – and your network device’s – printer, router, switch – activity, status and uptime and display historical graphs about them. The application access your remote server or computer and natively displays graphical information on your desktop. It alerts you when any of the monitored hosts become unavailable or a server resource reach a threshold limit.

iCacti is also available for iOS


Access Cacti instances protected by authentication (including Builtin, Web Basic and LDAP authentication). Log in to multiple accounts.

  Plugin Support

Monitoring host status and availability Monitoring threshold alerts


Auto-refresh graphs, thresholds and hosts status.

  Notification Center

Display threshold and host status alerts in Notification Center.


Display thumbnails of graphs for overview.

Cacti is a complete network graphing solution that should be installed on the remote server/computer. More info: http://cacti.net. It does not require to install any plugin on your Cacti instance but the connecting user has to be access to the tree view and the “Default Tree View Mode” should be set to “Dual Pane”.