Time tracker for Mac

Durations is a time tracking application designed to help you organizing and tracking daily tasks and visualize activities on charts in real time. Tasks or actions can be organized into projects and contexts.

With Durations you can get a bird's-eye view of your time spent during a day and compare your activities by projects and context to be more productive and professional.


Visualize activities by charts. Bar charts can represent the time of daily activities or the number of actions completed by a day. Pie charts can show you the total time spent with individual projects and contexts in the specified date interval.


Actions can be flagged to represent importance or to be organized into the today list. Activities of actions can be edited manually. The application keep track of logged sessions individually.


Organize your daily tasks into projects, sub-projects and contexts. Current action is visible in the menu bar for controlling the application and displaying the remaining or spent time.


Countdown timer can be used to split your work time into smaller pieces and the application will alert you when it's time for a break.

  And More...

Accidental work times automatically ignored. Keyboard shortcuts for controlling the timer. Actions can be easily imported from other applications with the keyboard.